Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Boys will be boys. They will never get us. Everything that we do will never be appreciated by them. All they know is to make fun with the girls. Huh...every boys are the same.There are three things men can do with women which are love them, suffer them or turn them into literature. And for the girls..we will be blinded by them. We will fall in love with them and then after they dump us, we will be regret for loved them. Erm..why can't we get the right person, the right man for ourselves? Maybe it is also our mistakes. We are too much when trusting them. Apa yang diorang tahu? xde pape yang diorang hargai apa yang dah kita bagi..apa yang dah kita buat pada diorang. Bukannye susah untuk memahami hati wanita tapi diorang tak pernah untuk cuba mengerti. Sume lelaki akan terkejar-kejar pompuan cantik...seksi...pendek kata yang jenis gitu la. Hish..seriously memang tak paham. Tak pe lah...mungin belum masanya korang rasai pe yang dah kami rasai tapi ingat what comes around turns around. Satu ketika nanti korangakan mengerti..tapi bila...hanya Dia yang tahu.


Salton_Sea said...

You are confused dear, no body in this world is perfect. You can't blame all for one person sins. You need a sincere person(boy), and at the sane time you want to hate them, kill them. So be patient, and wait for the right one. Always trust Allah, HE will do better for us. And i don't believe on love b4 marriage, all is waste of time and energy. Real love is after marriage, when find someone sincere. I will not go to very deep from here, but would like to say, "Trust Allah", and do good deeds, and leave the rest on Allah.
Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

orang yang tinggalkan kita tu maksudnye dia bukan yang terbaik utk kita.. dan kita juga bukan yang terbaik utk dia.. bila kena tinggal.. tarik nafas dan hembus semula.. teruskan hidup dan nanti yang terbaik tu akan ada di hujung jalan