Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home sweet home

Hurm...dunno what to do..dunno what to say but what i feel rite now is to write something. there are too much things to talk about even though i don't really know what it is. Life, love, crush, men, women, wisdom, etc. i feel like i am desperate to write something but rite now i don't even have the mood to talk about those topics. I had spend all of the day editing and updated this blog even i don't really know what had i done. kinda shame. hahaha..btw, as it is school holiday, ma granny's house become nursery. most of ma cousins hang out here with their mums. And you know when there are too much things to do together, things turn to be chaos. laughing, playing around, huh...i do really feel like i am at the kindergarten. But anyway...i love kids...