Friday, December 18, 2009


Life will not always be as u expected or want it to be. indeed. sometimes u lose something but on da same time u'll get somethng precious than u lose one. we'll never b know what will happen, what we'll lose or even what we'll have. Learn from evry mistakes that we made, and if u really a look forwrd person, u'll evn learn from other's mistake. hurm..i dont evn knw wht am i mumbling coz i dnt knw wht m i thnkin' rite nw. ma feelin' turned to be neutral. not happy, not sad, its juz nothn'. fell...ermmm...peaceful. its juz me n myself. no interruption..not evn a fly. and when it happens i fell grateful. thank God coz i'm still alive and i do really enjoy this short life given to me. every minutes that i take a deep breath, i could feel like this world is really a beautiful thing. Apparently, it is...('',)


Milka[M]ichiko said...

u raise me up~
dat melody keep on playing in my mind while i'm reading this post~ well done hunn! keep on writing!